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The scale....the dreaded tool that so many use as a guide to being healthy. Reality is, it isn't all about the scale, but rather about feeling good within your body, being healthy and strong, as well as energetic and vibrant! You can exercise as much as you like but you can't out train bad nutrition. How does someone make sense of all of this? It's really quite simple....real food, structure and diligence. I can educate you on ways to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into your lifestyle, and create an individualized plan to guide you to achieving your goals.  

Guts & Such

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You are what you eat!   

But let's not forget that you are also what you digest, absorb and discrete. 

Yes, it's true.....no one wants to talk about the "output", but how our gut functions as a whole has a complete bearing on how healthy we look and feel. It only starts with what we put into our mouth, along with how it digests, how our body maximizes the nutrients, and how well we get rid of the "leftovers". One big long system with so many intrical parts. I am here to help you get that system working with you, not against you. 

Detoxing For Health

weight loss, weight-loss, nutrition, holistic nutrition, st catharines, niagara

Detoxing helps clear toxins from your body, giving many systems a rest so they can restore and rebalance naturally. This does not need to be extreme, but rather include quality foods to keep your body functioning and fueled during this process. This is a great way to re-boot your body before introducing new eating habits, or just to give your body a break from so many of the processed and packaged foods our diets can be made up of. Your personal view of foods will likely  change as you grow through this process. You will begin to understand the connection between food, nutrition and how they directly affect your health. My goal is to set you up for success and shift the way you relate to food. 







"Working with Shirley has truly changed my life. I've spent a number of years fighting with disordered eating and needed to make a change. When I reached out to Shirley, she broke down the process and we started our journey. Shirley's focus with me was to keep it simple, and make one change at a time so not to feel overwhelmed. Shirley was always available to answer any questions and to provide encouragement. I feel confident with my abilities to make healthy choices for to fuel my body, and that fits my lifestyle. I've found a freedom with food that I never thought possible."


Personal Training Promotion


 Interested in trying personal training? 

Maybe you have a loved one that  TOTALLY WANTS to learn the proper way to exercise?  

This is the perfect kick start to 2019!

1 Health and Fitness Consult
2 Personal Training Sessions/week for 6 Weeks
UNLIMITED Group Classes for 6 weeks

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Nutritional supplements


Finally I have found a reputable company to link up with that I believe can help you improve your quality of life! 

LifeVantage is so ahead of the game in research, that they are in the forefront of nutritional support geared towards rejuvenating your cells from within the cell. Yes! Increased production of antioxidants to fight free radicals! Yes, improving the engine within the cell, know as your mitochondria. 

Please follow this link, call or message me to find out how LifeVantage can give you a full advantage on life! http://shirleyvanegmond.ca-en.lifevantage.com.




6 Week Program

Available for on-line purchase

What is preventing you from losing weight?

I can tell you this....it's not your fault, and it is likely due to just 2 things.....

In this program you will learn what those are, and a straightforward natural way you  to correct it. 

You will learn simple steps to:

* better understand  nutrition

*improve your digestion

*meal plans 

*grocery list


*home workouts

*facebook support group

* and so much more! 

Sign up and get ready to finally



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LiV Personal Training Studio)

Shirley Van Egmond


The road to health and happiness is not always an easy journey.  Life is busy and stressful! 

As a mother, wife and business owner, I understand that you may have feelings of overwhelm, likely not even knowing where the best place is to begin this journey.

If you desire to lose weight, have increased energy, feel like yourself again, or simply want to follow a clean eating plan, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

I am here to help! weight loss nutrition how to lose weight

Working Together for a Healthier You


Gain control over your food, rather than letting your food control you.  Bring awareness to your eating practices, rather than eating on autopilot. Focus on HOW you eat, as well as WHAT you eat.  This begins with understanding that you have choices......choosing to consume the foods that truly make you feel good, learning the practice of a good eating routine, and learning the value each food provides your body.


30 or 60 minutes


60-90 minutes



* stay on track by booking follow-up sessions 


*3 day meal plan geared specifically to you and your goals, including recipes and grocery list.


* corporate lectures

* home kitchen makeover

* grocery store tours

Bring Your Body Back 6 Week Program

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Nutrition is the best foundation for your body and mind. Without it, daily  living becomes more challenging than it needs to be. Anyone can learn and develop the habits to live a strong and healthy life! Reach out to me today, and we can get you started on the path to your healthier tomorrow

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